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About Us

We would like to introduce ourselves as one of the largest Importers and traders of Auto lighting products, we deal in Auto Bulbs, Auto LED and Auto Electrical parts. We have been the specialists of this business for more than two decades. At present we have a customer base through out India and cater to almost all the players of this field. Our main line of expertise is in Auto Bulbs and its components, especially Auto Halogen, Auto Bulb Capsules and their Caps (Base). As a plan of expansion from last few years we have started dealing in LED products as well, LED Headlight Bulbs, Tail light Bulb, Indicator Bulbs, Fog Lights, Semi furnished Bulbs, Bar Lights and many extra fitting lights. We are in the market with over 2 Billion units sold so far and more than 500 varieties of products. Brighter and modern than most factory-installed lamps. With LED retrofits you achieve a completely new light effect. You have the choice between lamps with color temperature from 3000 to 8000 Kelvin – from intensive warm white up to bluish Xenon white for a modern design. Our performance represents quality, luminous intensity, and output, as well as discipline, passion, and success. Automotive performance lamps from Indiglow Automobiles with their strong light set new standards for automotive lighting. Various lamp technologies and product lines mean you can select the right lamps which cater to your personal requirements.

No matter what indiglow automobiles lights you choose, you can expect the highest quality and reliability .At Indiglow Automobiles we work to serve the best quality to our customers in all automobiles whether it is car, motorcycle and truck.

When it comes to luminous intensity lamps, whether they are Stylishly-designed LED automotive lamps with outstanding performance or aesthetic lighting or high durability, Indiglow Automobiles provide a broad and innovative portfolio for you. At Indiglow Automobiles, we work to provide comfortable automotive lamps which are ideal for drivers who like driving with their lights on during the day or who travel a lot at night. Whether car lighting, lights for motorcycles and scooters or lights for trucks, you are supplied with outstanding quality by a strong brand in the automotive field. These spare Parts are made of using the latest technology and tested at each manufacturing stage under the supervision of our experts. We have all type of products in different voltage and wattage like 12V/24V and 5W, 10W, 15W.Our major products are:

• S25 Clear/Amber Double/Single
• G 18.5 Clear/Amber
• T series Bulb- T5, T6.5, T10, T13, T15, T20.
• Halogen Bulb- H1, H3, H4, H7, H8, H9, H11, H27.
• Incandescent Bulbs
• Cap Brass/Nickel

Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

• We have very wide range of the auto bulbs and their components with best quality.
• Our main priority is customer satisfaction and provides them products according to their choice and range.
• As LED lights are the latest trend of the new generation we had introduced more than 500 products in that field including two wheelers as well as four wheelers and heavy vehicles.
• We also have decorative lights for front and back side of vehicles with attractive matching colors to vehicle.
• We are always up for introduction of new products as per customer demand and market trend.


• 2-Wheeler Lights: Head lights, Tail lights, Decorative LED lights, Handle lights, Meter lights, Indicator bulbs, Mirror Lights.
• 3-Wheeler Lights: Front Auto lamp, Break Lights, Indicator Lights, Meter Lights, Multicolor decorative lights, Fuses, Relays.
• 4-Wheeler Lights: Head Lamp, Stop light, Fog light, Indicator Bulbs, LED Decorative Lights, Bar lights, Dicky Lights, Male & Female Fuses, Relays, Horns, HID Lights.
• All kind of bulb, lights and accessories for heavy vehicles, Tractors and Passenger Transport.

Technology Overview

A dream that can shine by lights, a dream that bright your ultimate choice, a dream that turns possibilities into realities, and realities into defining moments for your passion. Stylishly-designed LED automotive lamps give your car an unmistakable modern look. Striking light will turn your vehicle into a real cynosure; attracting glances from all over the globe. The attractive power of the automobile and the magic of LED light play off each other. Only the right light complements an automobile's design to its fullest potential.LED lighting in cars is refreshing, attractive and pleasant, and has an appealing contemporary touch. Interior lighting with LED optimal light for your car's interior.

Discover the performance product portfolio from Indiglow Automobiles: high-performance automotive lamps with halogen and xenon technology for greater visibility and full lighting power on the road Lights are the ideal solution for anyone wanting exceptional luminous intensity, performance, and a certain exclusivity. The options range from reliable, strong light in original OEM quality, an on-trend bluish-white xenon look, to the high performance model for very discerning tastes.

Indiglow Automobiles have become the market leader in automotive lighting. We improve our products continually. As a supplier to original equipment manufacturers (OEM), we maintain a rigorous quality-testing program, so that the right product is always close at hand for our customers, year after year.

LED’s are increasingly used in automotive lamps. They offer very long service life, extreme vibration resistance, and can permit considerably shallower packaging compared to most bulb-type assemblies. LEDs also offer a potential safety benefit when employed in stop lights, because when power is applied they rise to full intensity approximately 250 milliseconds faster than incandescent bulbs. This fast rise time not only improves the intentional conspicuity of the stop lamp, but also provides following drivers more time to react to stop lamps. However, this faster rise time has not been shown to make cars with LED stop lamps less likely to be struck from behind. LEDs for automotive or other applications are constantly evolving. Their potential in the automotive sector is set to expand as LED modules improve and with the introduction of new technologies such as OLED’s , which produce a comfortable and homogenous light.

Night driving does not depend only on good vehicle lighting but also on superior road signage and lighting. LEDs are also increasingly showing the way in this very significant area. More benefits of LED lighting have yet to be discovered and it can be safely assumed that they will have a bright future in the road traffic environment.